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Classic '94 League
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Current League: Classic '94-2016 Fall
Current Level: SNES
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1 - BuffaloXCing1030
2 - Calgaryxot82
3 - New Jerseyannatar
4 - NY Islandersc4outlaws
5 - NY Rangersangryjay93
6 - Quebeckoke_45
7 - VancouverBobKudelski26
1 - BostonPrimetime Plabax
2 - ChicagoBlackDevil19
3 - Detroitschwartz
4 - Los Angelesfenty62
5 - Montrealtylerdeanhill
6 - Pittsburghnhl94admin
7 - Washingtonstheds2000


Coach Profile

Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks
Coach: BobKudelski26
League: Classic '94-2016 Fall
Current League Information
Level: SNES
Record: 19-18-1
Home: 10-9-0
Away: 9-9-0
Streak: Lost 1
Goals For: 189
GF/G: 4.97
Goals Against: 174
GA/G: 4.58
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Zero(0) Games left to satisfy Checkpoint ( ) by Nov. 23rd, 2017.

01BostonvsVancouver4-2 BOS7:15 PM - 10/25Box Score
02BuffalovsVancouver10-6 VAN3:14 PM - 11/13Box Score
03BuffalovsVancouver6-5 VAN3:12 PM - 11/13Box Score
04CalgaryvsVancouver5-4 CGY2:42 PM - 11/5Box Score
05CalgaryvsVancouver8-5 VAN5:57 PM - 10/17Box Score
06ChicagovsVancouver6-1 VAN8:26 PM - 10/17Box Score
07DetroitvsVancouver5-2 DET10:03 PM - 11/15Box Score
08Los AngelesvsVancouverLog a Game--
09MontrealvsVancouver4-3 MTL (OT)6:45 PM - 11/2Box Score
10New JerseyvsVancouver4-3 NJ (OT)8:23 PM - 10/25Box Score
11New JerseyvsVancouver2-1 VAN8:23 PM - 10/25Box Score
12NY RangersvsVancouver10-5 NYR10:48 PM - 10/25Box Score
13NY IslandersvsVancouver8-3 VAN3:28 PM - 10/15Box Score
14NY RangersvsVancouver7-3 VAN10:48 PM - 10/25Box Score
15NY IslandersvsVancouver5-4 VAN3:26 PM - 10/15Box Score
16NY IslandersvsVancouver4-2 VAN3:27 PM - 10/15Box Score
17PittsburghvsVancouver5-4 PIT (OT)9:49 PM - 10/31Box Score
18QuebecvsVancouver9-2 VAN12:20 AM - 10/25Box Score
19QuebecvsVancouver5-4 QUE (OT)12:21 AM - 10/25Box Score
20WashingtonvsVancouver4-2 WSH11:32 PM - 10/24Box Score
21VancouvervsBoston5-5 TIE7:14 PM - 10/25Box Score
22VancouvervsBuffalo4-3 VAN3:13 PM - 11/13Box Score
23VancouvervsBuffalo7-6 BUF3:14 PM - 11/13Box Score
24VancouvervsCalgary6-2 VAN2:43 PM - 11/5Box Score
25VancouvervsCalgary4-3 VAN5:58 PM - 10/17Box Score
26VancouvervsChicago3-2 VAN (OT)8:27 PM - 10/17Box Score
27VancouvervsDetroit3-2 VAN (OT)10:03 PM - 11/15Box Score
28VancouvervsLos AngelesLog a Game--
29VancouvervsMontreal6-3 VAN6:46 PM - 11/2Box Score
30VancouvervsNew Jersey6-2 NJ8:23 PM - 10/25Box Score
31VancouvervsNew Jersey9-8 NJ (OT)8:24 PM - 10/25Box Score
32VancouvervsNY Rangers7-6 NYR (OT)10:44 PM - 10/25Box Score
33VancouvervsNY Islanders6-4 NYI3:27 PM - 10/15Box Score
34VancouvervsNY Rangers6-3 NYR10:47 PM - 10/25Box Score
35VancouvervsNY Islanders4-3 VAN3:27 PM - 10/15Box Score
36VancouvervsPittsburgh8-7 PIT (OT)9:49 PM - 10/31Box Score
37VancouvervsQuebec7-5 QUE12:20 AM - 10/25Box Score
38VancouvervsQuebec6-4 VAN12:20 AM - 10/25Box Score
39VancouvervsWashington6-5 WSH11:31 PM - 10/24Box Score
40VancouvervsWashington8-7 VAN11:32 PM - 10/24Box Score

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Division Standings
New Jersey2990058.0
New York25120050.0
Vancouver19181039.0Playing As
New York15250030.0

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