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2016 Fall Classic League Champs
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Classic '94 League
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Current League: Classic '94-2016 Fall
Current Level: SNES
Pick A Level:

1 - BuffaloXCing1030
2 - Calgaryxot82
3 - New Jerseyannatar
4 - NY Islandersc4outlaws
5 - NY Rangersangryjay93
6 - Quebeckoke_45
7 - VancouverBobKudelski26
1 - BostonPrimetime Plabax
2 - ChicagoBlackDevil19
3 - Detroitschwartz
4 - Los Angelesfenty62
5 - Montrealtylerdeanhill
6 - Pittsburghnhl94admin
7 - Washingtonstheds2000


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October 11, 2016

'94 2016 Fall Classic League Begins!

It's finally time for Fall Classic! The regular season will be 40 games, followed by the playoffs. We are running 3 different league levels: GENS-A, GENS-B, and SNES.

Please check this post on the nhl94.com forums for all the details.

The season will have weekly checkpoints of 8 GP. The regular season will run for 6 weeks. If you missed the registration deadline, but are still interested in playing, please register for the Waiting List. We use coaches on the list to replace coaches who are behind and have failed to meet checkpoints. There is a good chance you will still be able to play this season! You can register here. Good luck to all the coaches!

October 1, 2016

'94 2016 Fall Classic League Team Selection Draft

Fall Classic Registration has ended, and we will be starting the Team Selection Draft on Monday, October 3rd at 4PM Eastern Time on the NHL94.com forums. All confirmed coaches will be added to the league. Each pick will have a 1 hour deadline. If you will be unavailable to make your pick, please send one of the admins an email or a PM via the forums. For those coaches who have yet to play a test game and be confirmed, you will have until 11PM Eastern Time on Sunday. If you miss the deadline, you will be added to the Waiting List. The Waiting List is used throughout the season to replace coaches who miss checkpoints. So if you miss the deadline, don't worry! Get your test game in when you can, and you have a good chance at being called upon to replace a coach during the season.

September 15, 2016

'94 2016 Fall Classic League Registration

Fall Classic Registration has started. You can join by filling out the Registration form here. The registration period will end Friday, September 30th. This league has a 40 game season, ending in a playoff, using the original Genesis and SNES ROMs. The league is divided into sub-leagues by skill level, with the A league for veterans, and the B league for intermediate and beginner coaches. Newcomers and veterans are all welcome to join. We will be holding a Team Selection Draft after registration is over to determine team assignments.

July 30, 2016

'94 2016 Spring Classic League Champs

Spring Classic Playoffs have completed, and we have 3 league champions!

In GENS-A, angryjay93 defeated Zalex 4 games to 1 to take his 2nd straight GENS-A Classic title.

In GENS-B, brutus defeated TexasPachyderm 4 games to 2 to win the GENS-B title.

In SNES, annatar defeated angryjay93 4 games to 3 with a Game 7 OT win to take his 2nd straight SNES title (3rd in 4 seasons), and give angryjay his 3rd straight SNES final loss.

You can see the recaps of these games and for all of the Spring Classic Playoffs here.


Current League Status
Classic: Offseason
GDL: Offseason
VHL: Reg Season
Et Tu Brute League: Offseason
SNES Dynasty League: Offseason

Latest 10 League Scores

7-6 QUEQuebecvsPittsburgh10:19 PM - 11/21
5-3 PITPittsburghvsQuebec10:18 PM - 11/21
5-4 CGY OTLos AngelesvsCalgary9:09 AM - 11/21
6-3 LACalgaryvsLos Angeles9:09 AM - 11/21
8-2 NYILos AngelesvsNY Islanders11:07 PM - 11/20
9-4 NYINY IslandersvsLos Angeles11:07 PM - 11/20
6-5 CGY OTNY RangersvsCalgary2:33 PM - 11/19
4-3 NYR OTCalgaryvsNY Rangers2:32 PM - 11/19
7-5 CGYNY RangersvsCalgary2:32 PM - 11/19
7-6 NYRCalgaryvsNY Rangers2:31 PM - 11/19

League Downloads
These are files used for all Classic '94 leagues.
**Updated March 16th, 2017.**

GENS Downloads
Gens Package (Emulators, New and Old Kaillera DLLs, ROMs)
Gens 2.14 (Emulator Only)
Gens-netplaysave.exe (Emulator Only)
kailleraclient.DLL (DLL Only - For P2P Online Play)
kailleraclient.DLL (NEW VERSION - v07)
Gens Default NHL'94 (ROM Only)
Classic League NHL'94 Playoff ROM (99 Min OT)
SNES Downloads
Snes Package (Emulator & ROMs)
ZSNES 1.42 (Emulator Only - v1.42 with Netplay Enabled)
Snes Default NHL'94 (ROM Only)
Classic League NHL'94 Playoff ROM (99 Min OT)
Hamachi (for GENS&SNES)
LogMeIn Hamachi Installer (Unmanaged version for Windows)

Note: The Gens Package comes with both the regular Gens emulator and the Netplay version. The Netplay version allows you to save states during online games. These saves are used to log games in stat leagues.

Both Gens and SNES Packages include the original NHL'94 ROM and the 99 Min OT Playoff ROM.

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